High and new technology enterprises

High tech enterprise is the development of science and technology or scientific invention in the new field, or in the original field of innovation in the operation. On the basis of defining the scope of the high-tech industry, the concept of high-tech enterprises can be defined in the "management measures for the recognition of high and new technology enterprises" promulgated by the state in 2008. Therefore, in our country, high-tech enterprises is generally in the state promulgated the "support of national key high technology field, within the scope of, ongoing research and development and technological achievements transformation, form the core of enterprise independent intellectual property rights, and this as the foundation to carry out business activities of the resident enterprise is a knowledge intensive and technology intensive economic entity.
Division I in 2008 has passed a series of high prices in our province standard certification, access to high-tech enterprises, the qualification.

CNAS (China National Accreditation Board for conformity assessment)


CNAs is the abbreviation of China's conformity assessment of National Accreditation Committee (CNAs (China National ACCREDITATION service for CONFORMIY assessment), the agency is by the China National Certification and accreditation Regulatory Commission authorized the establishment of unified responsible for the national certification bodies (including management mechanism of national accreditation work for all kinds of management system certification bodies and all kinds of product certification bodies).
CNAS history
Conformity assessment of China National Accreditation Committee was formally established on 31 March 2006, is in the original certification institution of China National Accreditation Board (CNAB) and raw; China National Accreditation Board for (CNAL) based on integration.
China certification bodies National Accreditation Board (CNAB) is by China National Certification and accreditation Regulatory Commission authorized the establishment of the national accreditation body, responsible for engaged in all kinds of management system certification and product certification certification body certification accreditation. Was established in July 2002, is the former National Accreditation Board for China quality system certification body (CNACR), the original Chinese products certification bodies National Accreditation Board for CNACP, former Chinese national import and export enterprise certification body accreditation committee (CNAB) and China Environmental Management System Certification Body Accreditation Committee (caceb) integration. In April 2004, according to the opinions and decisions of the national attestation approves supervisory management committee and coordination of relevant departments, original national occupational health and safety management system certification body accreditation committee (cnasc), the original machine product accreditation committee respectively occupational health and safety management system and organic product certification and accreditation work transferred to CNAB, to further promote the integration of the depth of the unity of the accreditation system.
Chinese National Laboratory Accreditation Committee (CNAL) is the approval of the China National Certification and accreditation Regulatory Commission established and authorized, responsible for the reunification and the related work of laboratories and inspection bodies approved the national accreditation body. Established in July 2002, is established in the former State Bureau of technical supervision of National Laboratory recognized organization -- Laboratory in China National Accreditation Committee (abbreviation: CNACL) and the former national import and Export Commodity Inspection Bureau set up the import and export field laboratories and inspection bodies ability qualification approved by the national laboratory accreditation organization -- China entry exit inspection and Quarantine Laboratory Accreditation Committee (abbreviation: CCIBLAC) on the basis of the merged.
Organizational institution
China's conformity assessment of National Accreditation Board for organizations including: Committee, executive committee, Certification Agency Technical Committee, laboratory technical committee, Inspection Agency Technical Committee, evaluation committee, board of appeal and the Secretariat. China qualified for the assessment of National Accreditation Board members by government, conformity assessment bodies, qualified assessment services, conformity assessment using method and professional institutions and technology experts five aspects, a total of 64 units. 


AF is the abbreviation of the International Accreditation Forum (International Accreditation Forum), it is by the national accreditation body to participate in the multilateral cooperation organization, was established in January 1993, the existing member more than 30, China's conformity assessment of National Accreditation Committee (CNAs) is one of the members of the unit, China is 17 launched one of the country. The main goal is the coordination of national certification system, through a unified specification for each member of the auditor qualification requirements, training standards and quality system certification assessment and certification procedures, the consistent in technical operation, so as to ensure the effective international mutual recognition, it in the world including organization, namely the European certification and Accreditation Organization (EAC) and Pacific Accreditation Cooperation (PAC).
Projects approved equivalent based, International Accreditation Forum multilateral recognition agreement signing the Accreditation Authority for approval of approval, to enable an organization held in a particular region of the world has been recognized certification can be recognized in any region of the world.
Therefore, the IAF multilateral recognition agreement signing accreditation body recognized certification bodies in management system, products, services, personnel and other similar with review project issued by the certification in the field of international trade can get the world's recognition and trust.

ISO9000 is a globally recognized quality management system standard. ISO9001: 2008 is the integration of the international organization for standardization of modern management science the new concept of the essence, introduced the latest quality management system standards and it is more suitable to various type, various industry organizations.ISO9001:2008 for the organization to provide a feasible method, the system model to the organization and management of quality activities and customer for center "concept through to every element in the standard to go, make the products or services in a sustainable manner to meet customer expectations, which have continued satisfaction of customers.  

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